Louis (Amsterdam) – Feb 2014 (First Visit) –

We stumbled across this lovely bar/pub on our last day in Amsterdam.

When an opportunity to sit at the bar is open, Jackson and I are likely to take it, especially somewhere we’ve not been before. There is something enjoyable in watching how the bar runs, having a look what is on tap, with the additional chance of getting into conversation with people behind the bar – and they tend to be very interesting folk.

It was during this opportunity that we found out that Louis had only recently opened. They served high quality Belgian and local, popular beers as well as independent brewery ales. They had an a la carte menu but as we had already eaten, we took into checking the bar snacks. 

We chose a safe bet and ordered Nachos (€7.00). You can never go wrong with such a crispy snack doused in cheese and sauces (which arrived plentiful), although, we fancied something meaty alongside all the naughty carb. The hostess offered a local delicacy; Ossenworst (€6.30) –  raw beef sausage. This was served with homemade pickles and a mixture of crushed nuts and seeds. The combinations of textures for this light snack was incredible and extremely comforting with a beer in tow. 

Ossenworst itself is a beautiful treat. If you love meat as much as I do and appreciate its wholesome glory in rare form, this is definitely for you! We exclaimed our joy for the beef so loudly that the hostess went and got us more, free of charge, explaining how she loved hearing customers love food!

A must visit indeed. 


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