Homemade (Sherwood, Nottingham) – August 2013 – 

One sunny afternoon a couple of years ago, Trina and I decided to go for lunch at one of our local cafes, Homemade. I have heard recently that it has shut down. I was saddened to hear this, so thought I would make a tribute post for the cafe!

Already a popular establishment in Nottingham city centre, Homemade owner, Jasmin, branched out to Sherwood and more recently Forest Fields. Busy footfall destinations with high potential, a very good idea to pursue. However, It is such a shame that I did not get to say goodbye to the Sherwood Cafe as it became my favourite, for many reasons, out of the three locations. 

Homemade Sherwood nestled in the back of a quirky, “shabby chic” art shop called “A Room Full of Butterflies”. Secluded but inviting, it sat a few tables in a galley that lead to an outside, sheltered seating area. The tables and chairs were wobbly and aloof, but I thought that was rather charming of the place and fitting for the humble approach Homemade seems to push decor wise. 

As you can see by the photos (images above), Trina and I definitely enjoyed ourselves. We both ordered a boozey milkshake (Amaretto & Chocolate Brownie) which wasn’t so much for early drinking shenanigans, rather the Amaretto added a delightful biscuity and sticky syrup flavour to the thick milkshake which included chunks of Ice Cream. We also ordered Foxy’s Mega Fish Finger Sandwiches (image above). Crunchy,

thick, fleshy flakes of Cod Goujans combined with rustic, chunky cut, triple cooked Potato Wedges made a perfect luncheon!

The staff members, a young guy and lass, were lovely to us. Welcoming, checked back regarding our food, polite, smiling, good banter…unfortunately this kind of good service seems to have become mythical when considering the other two cafes. Staff seem incredibly rushed in the cramped City Centre cafe, don’t come across caring that you are there as their customer to look after and do not offer other possibilities when a product has run out. 

For instance, this Sunday gone I craved a milkshake at Homemade whilst catching up with friends I hadn’t seen for a very long time; we were sat outside. I waited at the counter for a good 5 minutes whilst three staff members moved around me. There were only two customers sitting inside. I noticed everyone with hot drinks were sipping from takeaway cups. When one girl finally spoke to me, she didn’t smile, she didn’t apologise for taking her time and ignoring me, she just said, 


I then ordered my milkshake to which I was told, “We’ve actually ran out of ice cream”. The cafe sits round the corner from two supermarkets. Having worked in service previously, I would have ran round during the day and bought some, or at least offer an alternative to the customer, but that’s just me I guess…. I wasn’t too annoyed because the service has been at this level for a couple of years now, which is why I stopped going initially. Likewise, Forest Fields staff don’t seem to acknowledge any customers for a good 10 minutes and after placing your plate at the table with a loud clutter, walk off without offering anything else……

I digress, but it is so sad knowing a good place has shut down, maybe the fact it was located at the back of a shop did not appeal to most people as I thought it would. I feel now the others must be popular because of their location very much more so than their service. It has gone incredibly downhill. There was a time, a few years back when I was a regular, it was very good. I adored their Lasagne and many many forms of cakes. I am not sure if it’s the staff leaving a sour taste in my mouth because I feel the food has changed somewhat too. What has happened within a small chain to have such negative drastic changes over the years? 

I personally think bring back Sherwood Homemade!