Allium (Barcelona) – July 2014 –

Whilst visiting Barcelona for our friends wedding, a group of us decided to venture out for dinner on the last night. After much wandering, deliberating and price checking, Mr BobbuHarris-san jumped on TripAdvisor and chose a nearby, and seemingly popular, tapas restaurant. Very much hidden off the beaten track, we walked through a few winding alleyways in the Gothic Quarter and came across Allium.

A small but brightly lit entrance greeted us, which opened up into a long galley room, well lit with minimal decoration and symbolic calligraphy plastered on the wall (Images above). Despite the lack of presentation, there was something that felt quite charming about the place. 

We were shown to a long table at the back of the restaurant that sat across from an open kitchen. All produce is sourced locally at specialist markets and vendors and they were not shy in making this known.

From what I remember, there were a lot of small plates or larger dishes on the menu to choose from and all suitable to share or buy multiples of. The restaurant also encourages light snacks and takeaway options if one chooses not to dine in.

There was such a large group of us that some chose small plates for their own whilst sharing a large meat platter alongside. Others chose only big dishes to share between them. As for myself, I chose a fair few plates that were small and large (as always – “tummy as big as her eyes Kimmy”). 

– Catalan Bread

– Chorizo in Alexander Wine (Image above)

– Marinated Salmon with Bilinis & Soy Mayonnaise 

– Mussels with Pickled Chorizo & Yoghurt (Image above)

– Roast Chicken Croquettes

It is unfortunate that I had a crappy camera on me at the time, as the plating was well presented (even with its rustic, authentic content). A douse of fresh colour greeted you which is sometimes missed on a plate.

Most dishes were very tasty, especially everything containing Chorizo, but I could be being biased. The Croquettes were quite special too – big, chunky bites of crunchy, breaded skin which broke open a river of chicken casserole-like sauce.

Unfortunately the Salmon had either been marinated for too long or maybe the marinade was too strong. Whatever it it was, it was a little too salty for my liking and ruined the overall texture of the Salmon.

Again, I let alcohol get the better of me and completely forgot the pricing of the dishes, however I believe we chose this restaurant not only for its popularity, locale and generous portion sizes, but for the affordability. Considering we all paid for what we chose, rather than painfully splitting it between all of us, it couldn’t have cost any more than €20 a head, including drinks, unless you bought a couple of bottles of vino…..